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Disappear 03:15
I should have seen this from the start I should have always been on my own Now it’s perfectly clearI never should have stayed here I should have just disappeared The time that we have spent apart Has made me realize I am torn Between the person I was Who I wanted to be And the one I mourn Now I sit here in the dark In a city that is not my own There’s a roof over me And four walls to keep me away from me cold The disappointment in myself Is more than you’ll ever know And more than I show And It’s perfectly clear I shouldn’t be here I should just disappear Take me And bury me up to my neck and walk away I deserve what’s coming to me I just wanted to feel love To be loved I should have seen this from the start I should have always been on my own You’ve made it perfectly clear I never shouldn’t be here Now I’ll just disappear
Be Good 03:32
In time the fever that has kept you weak Will have full on taken it’s toll It’s taken away and it’s taken it’s shape In the illusion that you still hold Nothing is ok Nothing has changed and it’s all too familiar So we curl up and hide from all that’s outside Closed shades and locked up doors It’s true It’s loud It’s hard And it’s all I know I can’t take anymore I just want out right now I had assumed I would have been gone by now But the ship has weathered the storm And the feeling of defeat That lies underneath is still alive and on it’s course I’m destroyed Weak I have nothing but I speak of the truth as I see fit I have nothing to lose I have nothing to gain I’m at the whim of what I’ve retained Be good Be loud Hands up to the sky and shout At the top of your lungs until the floor falls out
You Will Die 03:11
Stay in the dark waiting Don’t risk anymore When the point of no return is just steps down the road Just in case you got tripped up along the way Wasting our daylight We should be ashamed The problems we face are all one in the same And we take for granted all that we waste But that constant remains We die either way Stay in the dark Sit and wait Abandon the risk Accept it’s the same And complain you lost yourself along the way Stop wasting daylight Don’t be ashamed Take back what’s left And erase what’s engrained And make the best of what’s there today One thing stays the same We die either way Invite in the warmth if it follows you home Take no love for granted Grab it and hold it today It’s staring you right in the face But one constant remains We’ll die either way
No Love 02:53
Down Drag me down Take me out Drag me Back down and around and around You don’t take blame even though it’s all your fault Now I’ve risen up Now I’ve given up Dragged down Don’t think I’m unaware of why all of this has faded away Don’t think I’m so naive I would try to pass off blame I never tried to Yeah I wash my hands of you tonight There is nothing I can say that’s ever going to make it right Dragged down
Take Me Away 04:07
Give me distance Give me patience Give me time Or I’ll never return from this place I’ll never find What I lost What I left While I was blind I’m trying to look for redemption and look for a sign But I’m broken Adrift Out of line Asking for more than I give The bottom line is being alone I deserve what I’ve done to myself Not afraid of what’s coming to me I’m already in Hell And it’s all over now And I’ll never see how I can come back to myself and start again I’m down on the floor Please take me away Somebody show me the way Somebody save me today Take me away Tell me you’re on your way Tell me you’re coming today Hold me and tell me it’s all ok
Start tearing me apart Stop holding it all in Run red and let the anger roll through your veins Start tearing me apart It’s what you wanted I deserve everything that’s on it’s way Take the fact that you’re sweating in a fire And you’re glowing red Don’t stop until you’re done and everything in your path is dead Start tearing me apart Stop holding it all in This is your chance Take it while I’m fully restrained Start cutting me up It’s what you wanted And erase any good that’s ever come from me
Trash It 03:31
We’re all running out of time We’re running on empty Now we’re shaking loose change in the palm of our hands I want to leave I want to be clean I want to give it up And I want to make clear that I have taken what I have and I’ve thrown it all away I’m not making an excuse I’m not trying to downplay I’m not here to try and justify the things I’ve said My last chance to change what you see I’ve got a letter that you’re never going to read And I am preparing to be what I am now capable to see I’ve prepared to release myself
Let It All 02:18
I’m unimpressed I’m not ashamed I made the change and I’ve come to a place today I am all my own I walked down a path that was overgrown But I cleared it out and carried away All of the things that I wanted to keep me safe I put the rest on hold It’s all just noise It all got old Run away and never look back Let it fade in Let it all go black I’m not stressed I’m not phased I took control of the hell that’s taken space Inside for far too long Pulling my strings Singing my songs Keeping me sick Keeping me drained Taking away any good that’s there for me And I missed somehow We’re living in a world that will crumble and fall Run away never look back Don’t be afraid it’s not an attack
I can’t afford To be understated I can’t ignore I’m under appreciated I can’t restore What cannot be recreated And there is nothing more that can be done to save this I’d like to believe I can get my feet on the ground Until it’s clear I’ll stop coming around I’ll pick it up off the ground And take it with me I’ll stop coming around
Locking Eyes 04:51
Tell the truth or tell a lie Say anything to justify all you Have held inside all of your life For fear of what woulds come If you follow through You’ve walked away a thousand times I always wound up locking eyes on you It’s finally settles in this time The feeling of knowing I lost you Tell the truth or tell a lie Say anything to nullify all you Had promised you would rectify And make good while you watch it all fall through I know it’s all my fault I know I deserve it all I lost you If there was a chance If there was a time If I didn’t blink If I didn’t lie You never changed Neither did I I lost you
Death 02:49


released August 16, 2019

This time around Off With Their Heads consists of:
Ryan Young
Kyle Manning
Robbie Swartwood
John Polydoros

With a little help here and there from Dan Jensen and Christy Costello

Some of Be Good was recorded at Pachyderm Studios in Cannon Falls, MN
More was recorded at The Hideaway in Minneapolis, MN
It was mixed and engineered by Dan Jensen
Assisted by Marcus Davies
Adam Welle helped make the drums sound cool
All songs by Off With Their Heads

Produced by Ryan Young and Dan Jensen

The cover photo was taken by Patricia Hummel. We love you.
Layout and fanciness slapped together by Sergie Loobkoff.

Ernie Ball has been the only company that has ever endorsed us. So thanks for the strings.

You can always find stuff about OWTH and all of our friends at

Thanks to Epitaph for getting behind the stuff we do. Thanks especially to you.


all rights reserved



Off With Their Heads Minneapolis, Minnesota

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